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If you’ve ever considered a career at a startup, then during your research you may have come across some horror stories from seemingly very successful businesses.

Perhaps you work for a new tech company and are finding that the free breakfasts and ping-pong table don’t make up for the long hours and insane pressure from your narcissistic CEO.

Unionise has been designed for you. Our founders are passionate about the opportunities technology and the digital universe offer to improve the lives of all those employed at startups.

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Here for you

If you’ve joined a startup, or even a scaleup, and want to protect yourself then we believe that coming together with like-minded people in similar situations can help.

During the first industrial revolution huge benefits to working conditions were gained by workers forming strong, cohesive groups. Workers joined unions to protest for shorter working hours, higher rates of pay, safety at work, basic education, and healthcare.

We are now at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, where new technologies are fusing the physical, digital, and biological worlds.

This new revolution will present many of the same challenges that the first revolution did. The threat of automation is similar to pistons replacing human strength. With email and instant messaging services, people are expected to be “always-on”. And many junior jobs are offered as ‘internships’ for little or no pay.

Race to the bottom

In the race to build the next unicorn, it can often seem that the founders of startups gain most of the upside and face little of the downside. They don’t invest in training and development, which means it can be difficult to develop the core skills needed for a successful career. They expect long working hours in the exchange for the promise of equity but which doesn’t pay the rent. They are reluctant to spend time and effort in promoting a healthy work culture as they perceive it holds little value. Even employee benefits have been commercialized. Final salary pension schemes have all but disappeared, and areas such as financial wellbeing are run by organizations that are trying to sell financial products to employees.
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We are not a union

Employees at startups are not getting the support from their employers that they need. Much of this is simple human support; someone to turn to if you need advice or information. This could be talking to a colleague, or connecting with someone at a similar business facing the same problems. At Unionise we have built the tools you need to enable you to do this. Our digital platform can help you connect with other workers to form groups and give you the support you need to help you make the right career choices or improve your working conditions. Although we aren’t a union, we believe in the same core principles, that there can be power in numbers, and that workers have rights and should not be exploited by those who do not understand the value of human capital.

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