Referrals User Guide

How to refer friends and colleagues to Unionise

We’d love for you to tell people about Unionise. By helping us grow our community, we will have more to offer everyone. 

And if you use your unique link, you’ll be rewarded each time you send new users to the site. 

Referrals Screen

You can get your referral link by navigating to your profile and clicking the gear icon. You’ll then be able to view your account. Under the Points tab you’ll find your referral link – it will look a bit like this

Copy the link and share with your friends and colleagues however you like; by email, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook – you could even write it down on a piece of paper – it’s up to you. 

When your friend visits the site or signs up for an account you’ll be rewarded with points. You’ll earn 2 points for referring a visitor and 25 points for referring a member. You can find out more about points and rewards here

There are a few things we need to let you know

The referred visitor cannot be logged in or an existing member of Unionise. 

If the referred visitor hides their IP address or uses a proxy that hides their IP address, the referral link won’t work.