Startup Bullshit Bingo

Bullshit – or buzzword – bingo is a classic office game and the perfect way to relieve the soul-crushing tedium of meetings and conferences. 

How to play

Gather together a secret team of trusted co-workers with a sense of humour. You don’t want anyone involved who may grass you up. 

Fire up a new bingo card. If you don’t like your word selection you can change it before the meeting begins by clicking ‘Get New Card’.

Whenever the person leading the meeting mentions one of the bullshit phrases on your card, click the word to mark the card. 

The winner is the first person to check off a vertical or horizontal line.

Variation – you could also try and incorporate as many of the words on your card into the meeting. The winner in that case is the person who manages to use the most words without making anyone suspicious. 


To minimize your chances of getting caught we have made it really easy to pretend this is a tool for making meeting notes. 

Don’t shout out ‘Bingo’, ‘Line’, ‘House’, or ‘Get In’ when you win. You’ll have to agree beforehand with your colleagues on something more subtle to convey your victory. Maybe a private Slack channel to post your winning screenshots.

There are 3 levels of difficulty; easy, medium, and hard. If someone new at your company is presenting for the first time then we suggest you go with an easy card as they are unlikely to have yet picked up much bullshit startup lingo. If a startup veteran or someone who calls themselves an ‘Innovation Evangelist’ is presenting the meeting, challenge yourself with a hard card.

You can also use the different levels for different types of meetings and events. Easy for weekly team meetings, medium for longer video call meetings, and hard for all day industry conferences.