Is Your Startup’s Tech Team Below Par?


Is Your Startup's Tech Team Below Par?

Most startups are reliant on first-class tech teams to get them off the ground. There is no point having brilliant product managers if nobody can turn their vision into something usable. And an amazing marketing team is no good if they don’t have a workable website to convert potential customers.

Being confident that your startup tech team is on point should help reassure you that the business has got a good chance of succeeding. But what if they’re not? 

Here are 10 ways to tell if your tech team is a bit rubbish.

Tech Meeting


They have a tech oversight committee that takes no minutes.

Lines Of Code


The CTO can’t code. He can’t even build a pivot table in Excel.

People Working At Computers


Most of your tech is outsourced so there is no core competency in the business.

Tech Committee


They overcomplicate even the simplest things. We built Unionse in 48hours on Wordpress.

Man At Laptop


It takes them longer to do a pen test than it did to build the thing.

Using A Phone And Laptop


The turnover of staff is high.

Tech Stack


Nobody’s sure what the tech stack actually looks like (see point 4).

Two Men Talking


Questions that go into the team go in circles because nobody wants to take responsibility.

Tech Stand Up


Daily stand-ups take hours rather than minutes.

Tech Meeting With Post-Its


Meetings with tech are the best place to play bullshit bingo: platform, scalable, automated … you know what we mean.

If you score more than 3 on the above run for the hills. Your tech team will eventually bring down the business

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