Charity Months: Which Ones To Take Part In, And How To Create An Action Plan


Charity Months: Which Ones To Take Part In, And How To Create An Action Plan

Each year an extra charity month appears in our diaries, encouraging people to give something up and in return raise some money for good causes. Movember, which involves growing moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues, was launched by Adam Garone in 2004 and others including Go Sober for October, Dry July, and Veganuary are all popular with office workers.

Here are our top 10 tips for getting the full value from your chosen charity month:

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Do it with colleagues. Not only will it help keep you motivated, but also create more noise at work and increase awareness and donations.

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Do some research into the charity you are raising money for, so you understand what they do and how they help people.

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Share the donations page but check with HR and your line manager about the best way to do this, particularly if you are new, a junior, or naturally shy at work.

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Keep a record of progress. This might include hair growth, weight loss, energy levels, or money saved. This will help you learn from the experience and perhaps make a full life-change such as going tee-total.



Stick with it. It’s only a month and knowing you had the willpower to do it will be good to look back on in the future when you may think it is harder to do if you have things like kids to contend with.

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Set a goal to raise £500. Ask for £5 from people and you may get £10. Higher earners will hopefully donate £25 to £50 and you may even get £100 from the C-Suite.

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Remember to tell people about boosting their donations with Gift Aid. Most charity donation websites include the option to do this.

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Share on social media. This is one of the things social is actually best for.

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Make sure to thank colleagues and those who donated at the end of the month. Write a short summary using your notes from the record you kept and a bit about the charity.

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Don’t do too many in a year. You and others will get exhausted. Pick the ones that most reflect you. People will be shocked if a big drinker goes sober and loses weight – one of the goals of Go Sober for October.

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