10 Ways To Tell That VCs Are In The Office


10 Ways To Tell That VCs Are In The Office

Your startup usually operates at a pretty relaxed pace. Sometimes it feels as though the founders don’t even care whether the business is a success (unless you are working for a micromanager). They are rarely in the office, and when they are, they tend to keep themselves to themselves.

But recently, things have changed. Suddenly the founders and directors are a lot more visible. They’ve even stopped by your desk to ask you a few questions about your role.

As well as this unusual behaviour, members of the strategy and capital markets team have started hovering by the photocopier ensuring that nobody accidentally picks up the massive decks they have been working on.

The senior leadership team’s weekly meeting stretches well past its allotted 2 hours; sometimes they’re not seen all day. Sometimes the founders even attend.

Tech have been working round the clock to push releases and clear the backlog. They’ve even managed to find some time to get some BAU done so the website looks half decent.

And the founders have started taking an interest in mundane things like marketing budgets and customer reviews.

This can only mean 1 thing. The company is getting ready to raise its next round of investment.  

This makes you feel quite excited. Hopefully, it will mean your job is guaranteed for the next few months at least, and your share options may eventually be worth something.

More than that, you’re looking forward to spotting those mysterious figures known as VCs (or venture capitalists) in the office. But your startup gets lots of visitors, from auditors and lawyers, to dodgy sales guys trying to flog you the latest bit of kit that will automate everyone’s jobs.  

So how do you know when the VCs have turned up, particularly when what someone wears is no indication of how wealthy they are.

Here are 10 signs that will indicate VCs are in the office:

Man Smiling In Office


“Wear your smiles” and “look busy” emails were sent to the ‘all employees’ list.



The CEO has removed his baseball cap and ironed his shirt. 

Douche Bag


A douche-bag Scandinavian-looking man turns up on a kick scooter. He’s really tall.

Men In A Boardroom


There are lots of men in suits in the boardroom. The CEO is presenting to them.



The founders have blocked out their calendars for the whole day. Beware. This could also mean the administrators have been called in.


Coffee And Biscuit


Nice coffee and proper biscuits are in the kitchen.

Man And Woman Shaking Hands


The founders show some people around the office but only introduce them to the known favourites.

Office Reception


The visitors’ book is full of entries from companies with names ending in Star, Capital, or Ventures.

Man In Sunglasses


Sunglasses in winter. A necessary accessory of party-boy investors nursing another drug-induced hangover.

Private Members Club


Or it could be that they never come to the office. The founders have taken them to a private members club as they think you’re beneath them and want to take the important money-men to an exclusive enclave.

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