10 Reasons To Join An Office Yoga Class


10 Reasons To Join An Office Yoga Class

If you practise yoga, you’ll already be aware of its many benefits. And although an office yoga class is going to be quite different from a studio class, there are still many benefits you will gain from taking part

So, if you’re lucky enough to have someone offer to lead a yoga class in the office, we say go for it for the following 10 reasons:


Yoga reduces stress

Stress at work can mean anxiety, mood swings and poor performance. A yoga class will help you relax and clear all those negative thoughts, reducing stress and improving overall mental wellbeing.

Recommended pose – Child’s Pose


Yoga improves your focus

By focusing on your movement and breath, yoga can calm the mind. Regular yoga practice will help you improve how you focus on the task at hand, without letting the mind wander.

Recommended pose – Eagle Pose


Yoga boosts your immune system

When practised correctly, yoga will increase your blood flow. It also stimulates your lymphatic system, and weight-bearing poses are essential for healthy bones. All this will improve your overall health meaning less time off sick and higher performance.

Recommended pose – Half Lord of the Fishes Pose


Yoga improves your posture

Sitting in a chair all day takes its toll on your spine. Yoga helps you find the natural curve of your spine, which over time you will become more aware of. Yoga can also improve joint mobility, such as tight hips, another symptom of sitting hunched over a laptop all day.

Recommended pose – Baby Cradle Pose


Yoga gives you confidence

As you become more aware of your body and all the amazing things it can do your confidence will start to improve. You will stop focusing so much on the negative aspects of your body, and instead focus on its strength and ability.

Recommended pose – Warrior II Pose


Yoga improves digestion

It can be hard to eat healthy food at work and if you feel a mid-afternoon slump after grabbing lunch at your desk, a spot of yoga can help with that.  Many yoga poses aid digestion so you can find that second burst of energy for the end of the day.

Recommended pose – Bow Pose


Yoga builds your stamina

If you’re working on a big project you may find from time to time that your energy levels are zapped. All exercise can improve how energetic you feel, and yoga is no exception. Try a more vigorous flow to give yourself a big energy boost.

Recommended pose – Camel Pose


Yoga improves your breathing

One of the main reasons people take up yoga is to improve their breathing. If you are not breathing properly you may feel sluggish or even light-headed because your vital organs are not getting the oxygen they need. Yoga helps you learn to use your breath to relax or energize you.

Recommended pose – Cobra Pose


Yoga makes you more flexible

The other main reason people practice yoga is to improve their flexibility. It will take time before you are able to do some of the more complex poses, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you find your body doing things that you thought it was unable to do after just a few yoga sessions

Recommended pose – Big Toe Pose


Yoga boosts morale

A yoga class is fun. You’ll find after a few minutes any inhibitions or worries you had are gone. Yoga can help you release your emotions and you may even find yourself spontaneously laughing or crying in a class. So, don’t worry what your co-workers think. This is a great time to bond with them and the chances are they were feeling just as awkward as you were.

Recommended pose – Downward Dog Pose

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